Declan, I was taught that a squeeze page is suppose to be a one page optin or leave that fit on the screen. All you have is the headline, subhead, the form and possibly a promise not to spam the crap out of people.

It’s all about “trust” right?

Is the money in the list?

That’s what many have been told for years. The money is in the list. So people went out, built their lists, and found out that the money wasn’t in the list after all.

It was in the ‘relationship’ you had with the people on the list.

How many people have built lists, and then go to forums asking for advice on how to get their emails opened, or how to build trust with their subscribers?

It’s a bit like punching yourself in the face and then going to forums asking people how to cover up a black eye.

Just stop punching yourself in the face.

Fix the damn problem at the source.

Most email lists are shit because they have been built using the very same tactics employed by shifty con artists.

What are the expectations of someone who signs up on yet another short squeeze page for another report promising another life changing tactic?

Of course, they expect very little because that’s precisely what they have gotten when they have signed up on similar pages in the past.

Imagine you had a course worth $1000 and you gave it away for free. Do you think the people who you gave it to will value it in the same way as if they paid for it?

Not a chance, right?

People don’t expect to get value from free stuff. So they don’t get value from it.

We tend to get what we expect.

The question is, what are the expectations of the person who signs up for another free report on anther short squeeze page making anther bold claim?

Practically zero expectations, right?

Why would they expect to get anything better than what hasn’t already worked for them in the past… when they were made similar promises?

Sure, they’ll sign up out of curiosity. But don’t let that fool you. People have hard drives chocked full of free reports they have skimmed through and discarded almost immediately.

The point here is to distance yourself from the very things that people have been turned off by in the past.

If your offer is really that great. Why would you hide it behind a wall of curiosity?

If you want to build a relationship with your subscribers, why would you ask them to commit to you before giving them value?

If you want people to open your emails ahead of the other 80 they get inside their cluttered inbox every day, why would you present yourself and your business in a way that makes them skeptical?

By the way: This only makes sense if your goal is to actually help people, and not just shove shitty products down their throats that you have never used, or even care whether or not they are any good.

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