The biggest mistake I made when I started online sites years ago was not building and email list, everyone was telling me to.

But did I listen? Noooo!

Well I never made that mistake again and over the years, in every forum and group, I have implored people to build lists, but alas they were as dumb as me.

Amazon slashes commission rates for program that gives publishers a cut of sales 2020

I was shot down by all the content, amazon and affiliate gurus for suggesting it..

Please what ever business you are in an email list will be your best and most reliable asset.


Ask any influencer or business owner who’s spent time building their audience on Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus My Space, the list goes on and NOW AMAZON…what happens when the powers in charge decide to change the algorithm or conditions? or the economic climate falls to pieces.

Do they consult with you on it? Do they lose sleep thinking about the time, money, and years of energy you’ve poured into building your audience on their platform?

That’s a joke, right?

Like a thief in the night they make their changes and your entire business pays the price. What happens to your organic reach, sales, and even your lifestyle?

Shoot, it doesn’t even have to be an algorithm change. What happens when websites and products you worked so hard to create an audience around?

With email, you actually own the media. It’s yours. You’re the one in control.

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